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  • Labeller (UK)

    Is anyone able to recommend a labeller which I can buy in the UK?

    there appears to be a huge difference in price:

    US 10$

    UK £45

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    I bought a Brother P-Touch 1250 off eBay for £9.99 (plus carriage). Unfortunately the label cassettes cost about £12.00! Swear by it - neat labels, qwerty keyboard....great.


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      I've got the Dymo LetraTag. Twenty pounds from WHSmith or Argos. The labels are cheap enough.

      It doesn't have a qwerty keyboard. This takes some getting used to, but it encourages me to keep my labels no longer than they need to be!

      Battery life is good - regular AA batteries.

      I'd go for this one if I were you.


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        I have the same as Faskham - it is a little twiddly to get used to, but there's a satisfying feel to using it, as it's rather chunky, and it makes a nice whirring noise as it prints! £20 from WH Smith.


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          Another one for the Letratag ..

          There seems to be two models of Letratag machines in the UK. My one has a QWERTY keyboard and is more of a "landscape" orientation (I think the ones previously mentioned were more of a "portrait" orientation). So far seems fine, you're not going to touch type on the keyboard though, far too imprecise for that.

          I got mine in Rymans and I think it was about £20 too, cartridges about £4 each IIRC.

          Font quality is fine for filing stuff ...

          I even bought some yellow plastic tape so I could (finally) label all the plugs under my desk - stops me yanking out the CPU when I meant to undo the printer !!


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            I have a Dymo LabelPoint 150 costing £29.95 from Staples. 12mm tape costs approx. £10 for 7m. Seems a good machine, though a little expensive