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Lotus Notes / Palm Frustrations

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  • Lotus Notes / Palm Frustrations

    My company's now using Lotus Notes R6 and I can't for the life of me find a way to sync Dataviz Inbox to Go with the new version (hangs up on authentication - won't recognize or even acknowledge the correct password when entered). I used to be able to compose email offline and sync when convenient with Notes R5, but the version upgrade's clearly messed something up.

    Has anyone found a method for syncing Inbox to Go with R6, and if not, are there any email apps that are well-suited for doing so? I'm using a Tungsten T3 and I'm balking at buying a WiFi card to access an external mail service, much less springing for a new TX or other Wifi-equipped PDA.

    Suggestions will be greatly appreciated. TIA...

    - MB

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    Take a look at MNotes. It allows you to sync mail to your inbox. Also it allows you to file mail on your palm as it copies down your folder listing too. Very cool. Not affiliated etc...




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      Try other tool or...

      Could be that the directories for R5 and R6 are different. They did change at some point. Your local email file should be in C:\Notes\Data\{dir}\username.nsf When my company went to R6 they added an additional directory.

      Or you might try EasySync Pro. It's a Lotus product and works well with PDAs


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        Consider mNotes and Pylon iAnywhere

        If you're looking for a good end-user application to sync Notes PIM apps with your PDA, I think you'll find mNotes friendly and easy to use. A key reason I like mNotes is that it has a very rich Notes-friendly client for the PDA.

        I use both in my work at DavidCo and with other clients.

        I hope this helps.