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Web 2.0 Applications and GTD

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  • Web 2.0 Applications and GTD

    I have just begun to explore some of the more recent Web 2.0 applications and their potential use for GTD. I have now set my system to use CalendarHub for my calendar needs and RememberTheMilk for my @NAs. There are some interesting integration points between the applications using iCal and RSS. Plus, I can access these lists from any aggregator using the feeds. The use of tags allows mapping of @NAs to Projects with ease. Good stuff.

    I think this may be an interesting and flexible method of GTD.

    Has anyone else tried these new web apps? Success or failure?

    I'll post back in a few to share how things are going.

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    Cool. Today I've been exploring moving all my GTD online to make it portable, and have been looking into using Gmail for GTD. I'll try out these two tools and see if I can achieve the utopia of online 'anywhere' GTD.



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      Having used the GTD Tiddlywiki for awhile, I moved over to MyLifeOrganized a while back, and I love that. However, just this past week, I have been experimenting with living in my browser - so I don't run my email program anymore, but do all my email things in Gmail, and I upgraded from a free to a $5/month Backpack account for tracking all my lists, and I have been using the excellent new 30boxes for my calendaring. (This all is alongside a trusty Moleskine notebook and pocket calendar, by the way.) I have found it really convenient to be able to access my NAs anywhere I have a web connection. This weekend I played a bit with the Tiddlywiki again - figuring that would be more portable on a USB drive than MyLifeOrganized is, and I could still survive having no web-access. But then I also decided to take another look at RememberTheMilk, and I must say that right now, for my money, RTM seems to be better than BackPack, and better than GTD Tiidlywiki also. There are a few good case-studies of people using BackPack for GTD, but I've not seen anything on RTM and GTD yet. I think it's the one I will stick with though.


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        I see a lot of potential in RTM. I'm going to stick with it for a while and see where it heads.

        BTW, I will posting the progress of my adoption of these technologies to my new blog, GTD 2.0 , located at .


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          There's one important thing about living in the web. Sometimes you need your stuff when you are not at computer environment. So what can I do with "web 2.0" apps such like RememberTheMilk that doesn´t have a mobile web?
          For example, RememberTheMilk has an amount about 500Kb loading, that's too much for GPRS plans!
          I think only Plaxo is the real 2.0 app.


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            agree RTM rocks!

            I have been using tasktoy for awhile now, but switching to RTM.


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              RE: calendarhub

              jasonalanmoore: can you elaborate on how you use RTM and CH together? I just signed up for a CH account and love it already! thanks for the tip! I would love to follow your blog but your link gives a 404.


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                Yeah this post is a little dated now since I am in a job where I can't get to these applications via the public internet! Day after I started to look at these applications, I lost easy access to them - I had to switch back to paper...but i won't leave you hanging. Have you seen this blog? Check out the Office 2.0 tagged articles - wealth of applications for GTD use.



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                  I've decided the Internet is an evil time-sucking vortex (though a useful one). I'm trying to reduce my online time, not increase it, which means using the Net for applications that would not otherwise require a connection is right out.

                  Even in San Francisco, probably one of the most wired cities on the planet, finding a free WiFi connection takes a lot more time than simply checking local data on my PDA. The Net is becoming ubiquitous, but isn't there yet.

                  I'm also very wary of keeping critical data on systems that I don't personally control. The dot-com bust taught me that cool "free" services have a way of either going away or becoming not-free, usually at the worst possible moment.



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                    RTM is impressive

                    Thanks for the tip about RTM.
                    It has unlimited pages/tasks for free, easy reordering and moving to different lists, and supports a breadth of keyboard shortcuts. Start poking around and you'll feel like you only see the tip of the iceberg of the feature-set.

                    BUT, they don't provide an easy way to copy the data to your computer for off-line work and backup.



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                      Adding a Lo-Fi Component

                      I've recently been experimenting with some web apps as well, trying to see what could work for me (as I'm a tech junkie who is pretty much running GTD totally lo-fi due to lack of options to integrate/sync with my office PC). So lately, with the new Google Calendar (CL2), I've been trying it out to see if it will work for me. I like the ability to quickly pull it up whether I'm at home and work, especially if I'm on the computer at home, and my planner is out by the front door. However, the biggest issue is still the lack of accessability when away from a computer, whether it be on the bus, in my car, or even at a meeting.

                      So, for those of us who are still running lo-fi, I'd like to see more Web 2.0 apps start adding easy to access, customizeable print templates. I'm using a classic size organizer (5.5x8.5), so if I could just find a quick calendar view, hit print, and then just holepunch that and pop it into my system, then I'd be laughing! (Not to mention I'd find it much easier to read what was written ) If you could choose, classic, desktop, hPDA, or whatever else you might be using, that could be even better! Eventually throw in some partnering between some of these sites and, and you might even get to choose your templates, so everything looks nice together.

                      Then the system becomes easy to maintain, synchronize, access, and update!


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                        dabbledb anyone?

                        really happy to see this dicussion here!

                        Originally posted by trishacupra
                        Cool. Today I've been exploring moving all my GTD online to make it portable, and have been looking into using Gmail for GTD. I'll try out these two tools and see if I can achieve the utopia of online 'anywhere' GTD.
                        hey trisha - I think we've connected before. I've been experimenting with Google Mail as my GTD implementation ever since I went 2.0 8 months ago. I haven't quite found it so effective in organizing my next actions so much the difference it's made in organizing project threads.

                        As related to next actions - does anyone know if there is an API to Gmail to manipulate labels and stars? I've seen GDrive implementations and assume these scripts don't manipulate metadata per se. I haven't looked at them closely. I basically want to begin automating the workflow process and will bang on Google's door if I need to

                        I just started a dabbledb evaluation. Anyone onboard too? I thought I'd experiment with making a dabbledb GTD application and don't see any references to anyone who has given this a shot yet. Please contact me if you have or interested in working on it with me!


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                          GTD 2.0 revisited

                          ok - I'm nearing the end of my eval of dabbledb eval - it's not going to quite cut it - a database interface to query and update it doesn't exist yet so it is difficult to make state-based applications for the time being! It's on their agenda - just not now.

                          How has everyone been doing with Google Calandar now that it's been released officially? I tried to put day-specific actions on my calendar (much like you would with the GTD Add-in) and find the email you get whether or not you can attend this meeting a bit annoying and not very practical - I'm sticking to my paper calendar and love to hear other ideas.

                          I thought everyone might be interested in hearing about what sounds like one of the most hi-tech of GTD 2.0 solutions by Ismael Ghalimi, an Office 2.0 champion:


                          Check it out - he's also created a 2.0 database to help put an end to static 2.0 list mania!

                          Anyone have an interest in developing collaborative GTD 2.0? I use "collaborative" as it would be a means to easily plug a new collaborator into a community and begin to see where you may assist each other with group/community projects immediately!