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Trouble setting up GTD Outlook PlugIn - Tasks & Projects

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  • Trouble setting up GTD Outlook PlugIn - Tasks & Projects

    Hi everyone,

    I have recently installed the GTD plugin for Outlook (2003). Everything seems to be going well with one exception:

    When I read the GTD User Manual, it shows, under "Managing Your Tasks" and then "New Project Task Button," a screenshot of the "Tasks" section of Outlook.

    In that screenshot, Projects are simply listed as "Project:Project Name", and then the Next Actions are listed under each project to which they corrospond. This is exactly how I have always wanted Outlook to work.

    Unfortunately, my Outlook shows "Categories: Category Name."

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    A million thanks in advance.


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    Have you tried changing your view to Active Task by Project? The add-in comes with predefined views. Looking at Active Task by Project helps with the weekly review.


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      Got it!

      Thanks for the reply. I figured it out:

      The views were not installed in my Outlook for some reason, but I was able to install them using the Admin Tool and selecting "Restore GTD Folders and Views."

      Thanks again.
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