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  • GTD and Time Tracking Software

    Anyone out there using any decent time tracker software? My company is going through a STrategic Planning Initiative and I'm trying to find some decent Time TRacking software for the managers to use to track their time during this process. One that preferable integrates with MS Outlook. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    I was using a product from WorkCentrics . I like the interrupt feature that would like you stop the clock on your current activity and add that time to a new activity. However, whenever I have to add a new activity I have to restart the application for the Activity and associated tasks to show up in the menus. I've emailed the developer for support, but haven't got any response back.

    Then, I switched to an App called TimePanic, which is fine, I don't like how it hard codes the start of one activity with the end time of the previous activity. In my mind, that can lead to inaccurate start / end times. Especially if you want to get a handle on time wasted versus actually worked.

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    there's a nice looking product called Time meter for outlook that seems to use a customized journal entry form as it's foundation. Looked like a nice app but I needed something with a pda companion so I went with Time Panic . I just code any truly wasted time as " breaks " so it doesn't show up as " billable " time in the reports.


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      Life Balance?

      I am not really familiar with Life Balance but I would suspect that it has a time tracking feature because it allows you to compare what you plan on doing with what you are actually doing time-wise. Several GTD board people do use Life Balance, so you might find a better source of info than I am. It is put out by Llama Graphics and you can down load a trial version and the printed manual, which as I recall is 60 pages plus.


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        [QUOTE=Jamie Elis]I am not really familiar with Life Balance but I would suspect that it has a time tracking feature

        Actually it doesn't , it just records "effort" expended torwards different areas by you telling it how much " effort " a task will require .

        No time tracking at all.