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Goldmine 6 for GTD

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  • Goldmine 6 for GTD

    Has anyone tried using Goldmine by Frontrange? It's similar to ACT! but I've noticed thatthey have Project views as well as Next Actions. Ihave downloaded a trial but haven't really started playing around yet.

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    I don't use it, but seach on "Goldmine" and you'll get 13 posts. I didn't read them But a couple at least were titled Goldmine.


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      Goldmine user

      I am a Goldmine user and a GTD'er as well. Like a lot of software out there, I know I am not using all of Goldmine's potential. However, it is a great fit with GTD. All of your pending activities are either Calls, Appointments, Next Actions, Events or Occasions. Within those given categories, you can code them even context, for example. Then once you do that, you can customize all kinds of reports to print out and take with you if you are paper based, or sync with your handheld if you choose.

      There are a few other Goldmine users on this forum...hopefully, they'll chime in as well. Just know that it is very powerful and very customizable.