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Agenda Fusion 7?

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  • Agenda Fusion 7?

    Is anyone here using Agenda Fusion 7 for Windows Mobile?
    According to the feature list, there's a "Projects View".

    A couple of questions: Is it GTD-compatible? Does it work with the GTD Outlook-addin? Does it work with the "Manual GTD Outlook Configuration" whitepaper settings?


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    You need to define what you mean by work with (or compatible) the plug in and white paper?

    Yes, the catagories for next actions will transfer to the PIM of your choice (I use Pocket Informant) and you can sort the tasks by those NAs.

    The views that the plug in sets up will NOT automatically transfer to the PDA. Those are Outlook specific and the PIMs do not have the same code as Outlook. Now you should be able to replicate those views by digging around and changing the settings in the PIM.

    This is the same for the Outlook Web Access...the catagories will be there, but the views, and the little toolbar will not.

    I have configured my Outlook using the white paper ($10 vs. $70) and I have had no problem using my PDA with Pocket Informant as my trusted system.

    Hope this helps,


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      I'll try to ask my question differently: Agenda Fusion 7 has a "Projects View" according to the features/screenshots. Does anyone know to which Outlook (2003) entities they map?


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        How do you use Projects in Outlook now?

        Most of the PIM that I have used can only use the things that are native in Outlook (catagories, tasks, calendar).

        From reading the blurb on the DeveloperOne site:

        Originally posted by DeveloperOne software site
        Agenda Fusion 7 makes projects easy for everyone. Whether you use it for business project planning, planning your next home project, or just getting things organized, the Project view makes the best use of the information you already have on your Pocket PC. Quickly organize your contacts, tasks, appointments and documents into projects to track time, create reports and more! Powerful, yet so easy to use!
        It sounds like something that is NOT native to Outlook. It sounds like a view that they have created to combine tasks, contacts and appointments into one "project" (that is in the PIM, not necessarily in Outlook).

        Originally posted by Agenda Fusion User's Guide
        The purpose of this view is to give users the ability to create projects and assign appointments, tasks, contacts, and files to them. Users can even create sub projects. The projects may have notes and timers associated with them. In addition, there is the capability of generating summary reports for projects.
        I am not sure how this will sync to Outlook, if at all. Since it is a new feature that DeveloperOne is rolling out, you will probably need to try it out and see if you like it, and how it EXACTLY interacts with Outlook.