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Using Outlook, but not with the add-in template

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  • Using Outlook, but not with the add-in template

    I'm planning to use Outlook as my tool to implement the GTD system. Unfortunately, I can't install the add-in template, because my company has locked down Outlook to prevent customization. That means I'll have to implement GTD via categories, user-defined fields, etc.

    Has anyone had any experience doing this? I could really use some advice. For example, I'd like to track each task by (a) the person or persons to whom I delegated it, (b) the project it pertains to and (c) if it's a task I will perform, the place where I will perform it (e.g., at the computer). If I try to do all of that with categories, then I'm going to wind up with a ton of categories, which will make category selection difficult. But if I don't use categories, then I'm not sure my task information will sync to my Blackberry.

    Anyway, I'd really value your advice. Thanks very much.


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    re: Outlook, but not with the add-in template


    The secret is to define a new Outlook Contacts folder for defining projects (sounds daft but works quite well, as it will have the right data links)

    You can then use Outlook categories for all your @lists




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      Here's the page where it's explained:


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        Thank you!

        This is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks so much!



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          There is another way.

          I often have a couple of hundred tasks delegated at any one time.

          My project title includes the type of project and the person it has been handed off to and their company. Means I can sort by any part of this field using Alt i.

          When I need an update I open the task and then forward it, which generates the correct title on the email, deleting the attachment task which included my note on the lastest position I have recorded.

          Using cut and paste and standard forms I can then keep pressure on an army of people who are working for me with little difficulty.