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Outlook on thumb drive / synching with Palm?

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  • Outlook on thumb drive / synching with Palm?

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is technically possible to transfer all my Outlook data onto my portable thumb drive, and then access it either on my home or work computer?

    Furthermore, if the above is possible, is it possible to synchonize my Palm through the Outlook conduit, on both machines?

    thanks so much,

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    I'm using ZIV-drive (80Gb) that stores all my data and Outlook data files as well. I connect the drive to my home or office laptop and have all my files always with me. I'm not sure about Palm but I use HP Ipaq and it synqs Ok. To make that work you should read Outlook help on "ost" type of files, switch them on and put the directory to your thumb drive. Have fun!




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      Outlook contacts, calendar, and notes

      Thanks Eugene.

      It seems that the .ost files are only for email, which is the one thing I am NOT using Outlook for.

      Is there a similar solution for this regarding Outlook contacts, calendar, and note items?

      thanks again,


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        Maybe .pst files?

        Maybe .pst files?

        There is also a special version of Kingston USB flash drive called "DataTraveler II Plus migo" which can help.
        Kingston's DataTraveler® II Plus - Migo Edition Hi-Speed USB Flash drive gives you the freedom to work on multiple PCs in different locations, using your own desktop's Microsoft Outlook®* email contents, Microsoft Internet Explorer settings, favorites, cookies and history, plus your files, folders and icons.


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          The OST file contains Calendar and Contact data as well so it's not only for emails. It allows you to have all your emails, calendar and contacts while not connected to your emails. Pst is for archives. See Microsoft Help (F1) for more details and how to set up.




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            I use a 64MB usb memory stick

            I only use it for tasks and calendar items as I have webmail access if I need my emails.

            I use the Import/Export in the File menu. Output it to a .pst file.
            Pick the elements I need.
            Use the Filter facility to pick up what has been created or modified since the last time I updated.

            I can then do an import onto my home PC and then sync that with my pda.


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              ost files

              Actually the .ost file contains a copy of everything that is in your Inbox subfolder on your exchange server, including tasks, journal items, contacts, calendar, as well as e-mail, and any other folders you've added under the Inbox.

              Haven't tried synching to a thumb drive, but I have synched to outlook in off-line mode. I find it's best if outlook is up and running in offline mode before I start the sync. Other than that it seems to work fine.


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                Jeff K,

                Check out the apps on

                Especially the app here:
                P. I. Protector Mobility Suite



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                  Possible method for transporting PST files

                  In a single-user environment, Microsoft Outlook stores data in PST files, which are managed in Microsoft Exchange profiles. If I wanted to keep my Outlook data on a thumb drive, I think that I would do the following:
                  • BACKUP MY DATA!!!
                  • Synchronize Palm with existing data
                  • Uninstall Outlook Conduits
                  • Delete the Handheld Synchronization folder in Outlook
                  • Copy my outlook.pst file to my thumb drive
                  • Under Control Panel, Mail Options I would add the PST file on my thumb drive to my Exchange profile, then change e-mail options to deliver to that file, then delete the old PST from my exchange profile.
                  • Hard-reset my Palm
                  • Reinstall Outlook Conduits
                  • Hotsync
                  I've never tried this and I don't know if it would work. Use at your own risk!


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                    Use a USB Drive with U3


                    As DW posted, use drive with U3 built-in.
                    From the U3 website
                    "Kingston 2GB U3 smart drive is on sale for $32.71 USD at"

                    U3 includes automatic sync and encryption.

                    (Once caveat: don't format the drive and hope to replace the U3 drivers to restore functionality. Supposedly, once deleted, they cannnot be reliably reinstalled.)

                    I bought these for my kids (I'm a mac user, so no U3 for me


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                      I used to use my Palm to transport Outlook data between home and work, but now use a usb key.

                      I also went through two stages on the Palm. To begin with I used Chapura PocketMirror - this synchronizes outlook with the Palm databases. The problem with this approach is that outlook stores more data than the Palm databases will hold, which can be problematic. It does have the advantage that other applications that look at the Palm databases (e.g. outliners, enhanced calendars etc) will still work.

                      I then switched to Chapura KeySuite. This installs new applications on the Palm which have their own databases. This was a better solution for me, as all the outlook data is carried across. However, KeySuite doesn't talk to the the Palm databases, so other applications won't be able to see the data.

                      I have since ditched the Palm and am now syncing using a USB key. To do this I use a program called Easy2Sync ( I have three .pst files - one at home, one at work, and one on the USB key (which I keep encrypted using TrueCrypt). I installed Easy2Sync on both PCs and set it up to sync that machine's .pst with the .pst on the USB key. Easy2Sync copies everything to do with your outlook items - I think it even copies things like object modification times. I'm very pleased with it.

                      Hope this helps,