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GTD Add-in, Project Field, and Handhelds

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  • GTD Add-in, Project Field, and Handhelds

    Why didn't Netcentrics just synchronize the Project Field to Categories in addition to synchronizing the Actions to Categories? I would think this would have solved the issue of sorting by Project on Palms, Blackberries, and etcetera. Maybe I am missing something. Do Palms and Blackberries only allow one category per task?

    Why doesn't someone write a macro that will add the Project Name to the Category?

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    Palm OS only allows 15 categories, and it only allows one category per item. Outlook is very restrictive in what can be done with custom fields. The combination makes it difficult (though not impossible) to code a solution.

    This is compounded by the fact that solutions written for Outlook, typically do not have a palm component, and those written for Palm, have a stand-alone desktop app instead of an Outlook add-in...

    No one is listening to what the customer wants...