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Entourage for GTD white paper in practice

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  • Entourage for GTD white paper in practice

    I downloaded the Entourage White paper. For anyone else who is trying it and for you beta testers will you tell us what you think?

    I really like the Project center for project management. I can handle all files related documents in word, emails, appointments and contacts and its very easy to look up all parts of the project even when archived.
    What it hasn't been as easy to do is print lists of my projects and to easily flip between all tasks by GTD contexts and the projects themselves in an organized way.
    Few of my work related tasks dont require a project in project center.
    After reading the white paper what I have done is:

    I set the Catagories up as the white paper suggested including an @Project.
    While I am setting up the project under Tasks @Project I also set up the project in the project center with the contacts, address, calendar items etc.
    I then proceed to list the next action under tasks in its correct context catagory.
    I have the Columns under tasks set up as the White paper suggests except that I have an additional one at the end- Projects which places the task in the project center file as well.
    Any thoughts or comments?

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    Originally posted by Mardo
    Any thoughts or comments?

    I gave up using the Project Center. I have been using Entourage in a GTD manner for more than a year now and I really like to keep it simple. It just is too time consuming keeping the projects up to date with that thing for me.

    The big problem I have with the Project Center that it doesn't have a GTD like equivalent. It is not a context. I have a folder on my Mac for every project that has support files. But I have to admit that because of spotlight I will be giving that up too.