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for some reason lost all my Tasks in Outlook, whats the best backup?

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  • for some reason lost all my Tasks in Outlook, whats the best backup?

    I am really mad at the moment and thinking about switching from Outlook to a Lo-Fi method.

    Till then, how is the best way to backup my tasks, I lost everything and I mean all my tasks, the only things left are my completed tasks

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    You can hope that your Exchange server is backed up, and request the data from your network administrator. Alternatively, if you have a laptop and maintain an offline .ost file, you can find it in your own do have your own backups, right?


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      Have you double checked that you didn't inadvertently switch views or apply a filter that is only showing completed tasks? Outlook 2003 has a pre-defined task view that only shows completed tasks...



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        Something similar happened to me--I thought Outlook had deleted or lost all my e-mail, so I stopped using it for e-mail, then months later found I was looking at the Views menu instead of the Folders menu, or vice versa, or something... it's really annoying.

        You can just flick the mouse across something, without realizing what you're doing, or intending to do something, and not realize.

        That's one reason I didn't want to use Outlook, but it's really good for Tasks, and I've looked and haven't found anything that's so good at setting up recurring tasks and integrating with the calendar.

        I hope you find your tasks again. Nice to know I'm not the only one!


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          I've got Outlook 2000 and I downloaded an addin called Outlook Backup. If you Google, you might find it for your version. It resides in the File menu and can auto-backup so you don't have to remember.

          Two manual alternatives are:
          Create a new .pst file and manually copy the tasks to it periodically, or
          Locate your .pst file on your hard drive and copy it. The .pst file contains all the Outlook data (apart from email account settings).

          Sorry you lost your tasks. It's not the end of the world, it's worse than that. Still, you can take easy now there's nothing to do


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            BTW, the Outlook Backup thing was a freebie from MS.