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DYMO 400 Twin Turbo 69115 LabelWriter

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  • DYMO 400 Twin Turbo 69115 LabelWriter

    I'm wondering if anyone is using this? It holds two rolls of label paper--so you could keep a roll of file labels in it and a roll of mailing labels all the time, ready to use. It doesn't have a keyboard, so it has to be attached to the computer, but it integrates with QuickBooks, Outlook, Act, Palm Desktop, and Goldmine. I didn't think I'd want a labeler but some people on another mailing list who generate a lot of labels recommended it.

    It would solve the problem of having to print on a whole sheet of labels to get just a few out.

    Anyone using it?


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    I use the LW 310 and I have no problems, I don't label too many file folders but, but this one does the job for me no problem.


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      Use It. Love it. For GTD + Customer Service

      I use it. Works beautifully.

      And I have Act templates that we designed for it -- so I can look up a record & print a label on the spot. I use a file labels roll, and a Shipping label roll.

      Highly recommended.



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        That sounds good. I'm going to put it at the top of my wish list. I have special window envelopes for mailings, and this would save me some money on those things.