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GTD LoFi HiFi Whitepaper (GTD Use-Case, Heavily Detailed)

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  • GTD LoFi HiFi Whitepaper (GTD Use-Case, Heavily Detailed)

    I wrote up my trusted system.

    I use Levenger products for LoFi, Apple for HiFi though you can do almost everything with Windows too if you had to, except run DEVONthink.

    I try to keep my workflow as agnostic as possible because I have to work on various different machines in the course of a day. So having a Mac-only or Windows-only solution is less than useless for me.

    So I stick with the 3x5 index card bus since it is so portable.

    I tried to capture the nuances and have lots of visual aides. I have been told it doesn't look right in IE. I don't have a machine that can run IE, so I can't troubleshoot. Sorry.

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    Thanks for sharing your set-up and your enthusiasm. I really enjoyed how you conveyed the easiness of it. I wish I could get to a similar level of simplicity and rapid access, but I am apparently not wired that way.


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      Thanks for sharing the information. Very timely since I have been contemplating on moving to paper from the digital world - at least for task management!