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  • Pocket PC/Desktop Solution

    Hi Guys,

    For anybody that is looking for a Desktop and Pocket PC solution to implementing GTD, you might want to take a new look at MyLife Organised (MLO). Even if you have perhaps tried it in the past. Because now it has a Desktop and PPC version with an ActiveSync connection.

    The PPC version with ActiveSync is now on Public Beta release, so if you want a Desktop/PPC solution give it a try. I have been part of the Beta testing and I have to say it works really well.

    One of the best things with MLO is the Development team. They are willing to listen to any user comments, requests for new features etc. This is a very active Development team that are producing new Beta versions with increased functionality on a regular basis. So if you do try MLO and find that there is some functionality that is missing, or you would like to see work in a different way, then get involved with the on-line forums and air your views.

    To check it out visit,

    By the way I have no connection with MLO, apart from being one really satisfied user

    All the best