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Stuff required to implement GTD

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  • Stuff required to implement GTD

    I'm a newbie to the world of GTD and am going to pick up a copy of the book by David allen today.

    Can anyone tell me what is the minimum stationery required to implement GTD as per the book? I plan to use A4 size sheets to implement GTD.

    I'm looking for advice on number of folders / rough paper / pens + pencils (colored and otherwise). Is there a mention of this somewhere in the book...a kind of "beginners shopping list"??

    This would save me a trip to the stationers

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is indeed a list in the book (I think its in Chapter 4).

    As someone who's gone through it recently, I'd recommend that you actually read through everything before buying your supplies. With that foreknowledge (and some internet research, including the free PDFs from DA's website) you might be able to plan out what would work best for you.



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      Minimalist GTD

      HON® 4-Drawer Letter File -- $170
      Side-Load Stacking Desk Tray, Letter Size, Clear -- $2
      Ream of Standard letter paper, -- $4
      Recycled Manila File Folders, 1/3 Cut, Letter Size, Box Of 100 x 2 -- $12
      Brother® P-Touch PT-65 Personal Handheld Electronic Labeler -- $10
      Ballpoint Stick Pens, Box Of 12 -- $1
      Sharpie® Permanent Markers, Assorted Colors, Pack of 5 -- $5

      Mind like water... priceless.


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        Free DIY paper organizer templates. - free, GTD-related, DIY paper organizer templates.


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          "All you need are lists and folders." -David Allen

          I second the suggestion to get the book and read it all the way through before you go shopping. There is a list in the book of suggested supplies and equipment. Get at least 100 folders, but I'd suggest getting 500 to start. You'll find plenty of uses for them.


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            Thanks for your inputs,
            As suggested, i shall go through the book and then pick up my supplies.

            Thanks again,
            Have a great day


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              Originally posted by bkaizer
              Thanks for your inputs,
              As suggested, i shall go through the book and then pick up my supplies.
              I don't think anyone has mentioned the free articles on this website about setting up paper and digital planners. They are a bit more concrete than the book.