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Getting some sort of timesheet report from Outlook Journal?

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  • Getting some sort of timesheet report from Outlook Journal?


    I use the journal in outlook to time different bits of work I do for clients, and also for keeping a general daily time log.

    It's easy for recording the data (job, client, time spent)

    But what I'm lacking is a good way of viewing the data, eg how long I've spent on a certain job, or for a certain client.
    At the moment I have to export the whole journal folder data to Excel and manually add it up.

    Does anyone know a better way of doing this? Or perhaps a different program (free) for keeping a daily time log?

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    Time Log with Outlook Journal

    I'd recommend setting up specific defined views for your journal folder. You should be able to filter based on all of the data and only display what you're looking for. You can customize it to show only the fields of interest. You may want to add a custom (user) project field. If you use the GTD Add-In this will be handled for you. The add-in also has a couple of custom views already defined.

    In order to get totals you'll need to cut and paste directly from the view into Excel.

    Journal really could be a great feature of outlook. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't really given it any attention, nor tried to understand how it should be used. A lot more of it could be automated...

    Hope this helps.