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need someinfo plz

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  • need someinfo plz

    Hey guys

    I need some information and i hope you will be able to help me ...I am originally from US,but recently my job is connected with lots of travelling in Europe (and especially UK) ,so i need a reliaqble GPS system ..A friend advised me not to buy TomTom ,because it has some connectivity problems in Europe ,and also told me to try some rookies on the market ,which offer free try outs ...So i checked and the most popular one which i found is called NAV4ALL ..You can download it for free from their website ,which is pretty convinient..The only thing is i that i don`t know if it is safe to do this ..Has anybody checked it out ?

    Thank you!!

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    I can't coment on NAV4ALL because I've never heard of it but I have a TomTom 700 and it's excelent. I've never experienced any connectivity issues and until I recently brought a new car with Satnav built in I used it regularly as both navigation and a hands free kit for my bluetooth phone


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      GPS - Getting Problems Solved?

      The only connection between GPS and GTD:

      GPS - Getting Problems Solved by GTD - Getting Things Done!


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        GPS in Europe

        I have used the Garmin devices, both GPS V and Quest with great results. What I like about them is the ability to have updated maps availabe at fairly regular intervals. The Quest has such a large memory that you could probably load most of Europe in it.