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Upgrading Act 2000 to Act 2006

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  • Upgrading Act 2000 to Act 2006

    In our office we have 5 registered ACT using who are using Act 2000. We have new staff thus need to add more users. Does anyone know if I'll have problems with some users still using Act 2000 and new users using Act 2006?

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    I'm pretty sure you can't synchronize the databases with different versions. Of course, I can't get the synch to work ANYWAY!

    Carolina Songbird


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      All or nothing; and test first, or be disappointed.

      You can't share data between Act 2000 or Act 6 and Act 2006. So once you start adding Act 2006 licenses it's all or nothing.

      Act 2006 is a real resource pig when compared to previous versions.

      If you check the forums on you'll see many users complaining about the performance of Act 2006. It requires a fast PC with AT LEAST 1 gig of RAM and even then it takes a couple of minutes for it just to start up.

      If you're interested in Act 2006, try the evaluation version on one of your PC's first, and DO NOT upgrade until you've done that. We did -- and promptly cancelled our upgrade plans, to stick with Act 6.



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        I agree with Luis. It is all or nothing. It does take up resources, but it is not ACT's fault, it is Microsoft's .NET framework. You can you a piece of software that is free call FreeXPRam Pro. It is on or you can google it. Works like a champ. 1GB is the min requirement for me. I went to 2GB and I have no issues at all. The hard drive is also a factor. 4200 RPM drives are too slow. 5400 is fine, 7200 is even better.

        Overall, 2006 is really good program and they have worked out the issues that they had in 2005.


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          And I thought Act 2005 was excruciatingly slow! I'm actually tempted to go back to a paper-based phone number retrieval system at the minimum, because of how long it takes Act to access a simple phone number.

          But I have over 1000 records used by three people in two different locations -- so that's not a very practical solution.

          Out of curiosity -- what are the "issues" with 2005 that 2006 resolves?

          Carolina Songbird


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            I love 2006 and I have been an ACT! user for over 10 years.

            Yes, it is slower but the freexppro Ram thing mentioned above really does help.

            I gave 2006 a chance, got used to its quirks, and I'll tell you what, its the best CRM solution that I've found and I've tried and used many of them


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              Act! 2000 Sync with Presto! BizCard

              I have just purchased this business card scanner which is supposed to sync with ACT; however, whenever I attempt to sync, I get a message that it can't locate the ACT! database.


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                cold feet

                Originally posted by JohnParlabane
                I love 2006 and I have been an ACT! user for over 10 years.

                Yes, it is slower but the freexppro Ram thing mentioned above really does help.

                I gave 2006 a chance, got used to its quirks, and I'll tell you what, its the best CRM solution that I've found and I've tried and used many of them
                It is encouraging to hear you speaking in such a positive way about ACT! 2006.

                I am pretty committed to ACT! at this point but feel I need to upgrade (from 6.0) to 2006 to continue grow with the software. (And to have a little better chance at synching to another station.)

                Looks like it might further my GTD efforts.

                Any pitfalls to avoid?


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                  The biggest thing is that you need a VERY current computer. You need at least 1GB of RAM, and seriously 2 would be better

                  I have 1 GIG and am happy, but I would be happier with 2

                  If you don't have 1, you will be unhappy with the upgrade


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                    Parlabane, what else do you run with Act?

                    Parlabane, when you say that Act needs 1GIG for reasonable performance, what else do you have running besides Act? I'm currently using Intuit's Customer Manager, but I'm looking for a new CRM solution. Customer Manager is notoriously slow and balky. (Incomprehensible to me, since the data file is only 24MB). I upgraded from 512MB to 1GB one year ago specifically because Customer Manager was running so slow, but as my customer file has grown (and I anticipate it could triple or quadruple over the coming year), Customer Manager has progressively gotten slower. A couple of evenings ago it took 30 seconds to maximize when the only other program running was Outlook. Typically I will have Outlook, MindManager, an accounting program and an illustration program (either Corel or Illustrator) running in addition to Customer Manager; and Word, Excel or others opened and closed as needed. I'm intrigued by Act largely from following your posts here, but I need to be able to run those other applications too and I'm concerned that Act won't get me away from the "slow and balky" and instability that I'm experiencing with Customer Manager.


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                      I just updated to ACT! 2006 based in part on some of the favorable coments I came across in this forum, including this thread... I am running a gig of memory and a gig processor. Have not experienced any of the speed problems that have been widely touted for ACT! I have over a thousand contacts and expect to double this in a year. I also have quite a bit of customization in fields and layouts. Some of which may slow things down. However, the speed including loading and window changes has been more than satisfactory.

                      I usually have running: Act!, word, excel, (usually two or three windows each), proprietary software for my principal insurance carrier and a couple of fun things...webshots, gmail, etc.

                      I have not gotten the new act totally integrated with Outlook, but I am on the trial version of ACT! (will purchase this week) and support is limited prior to purchase.s I will be buying two copies which will be synched laptop to workstation and integrated with outlook. should have working by end of the week...will let you know how goes if you like.

                      Hope this helps.

                      Best wishes,



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                        where to

                        I found this forum due to the reference of FreeXPRam Pro that can help ACT 2006 speed up...however I have searched CNET and Google and it's not showing up at all...anyone have a link where it was downloaded? I appreciate any help.

                        This site and forum looks very interesting...can't wait to dig into it more this week!



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                          we need a forum where we can discuss ACT!

                          I came here looking for something else myself. ACT! info, & support to be precise. These good folks have helped me with ACT! and have made me a believer with GTD. To the point I have bought the book and am involved in the initial capture phase now.

                          I just wish there was a forum like this for ACT!

                          I am not coming up with a source for FreeXPRam either. Though I have not felt like I need it thus far. I have been using ACT! since the beginning of time. 2006 is a resource hog. But after the upgrade from 6.0 I have not had the speed problems I was warned against.

                          Best wishes


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                            Here it is...

                            You can find FreeRam XP Pro at
                   or at at this link:


                            I use the product, works fine!



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                              Act 2006

                              I too upgraded from ACT 6 to 2006 and had major issues with my assistants computer which only hads 384 RAM. So now I have bought a new computer with 1 gig. Hopes it solves the problem. I am frustrated in that the only reason I upgraded to ACT 2006 was to achieve the Quickbooks synchronization but it doesn't work with the Canadian version (and supposedly never really has). I am now trying double look to synch ACT and Outlook and then I will synch Outlook and QB. What fun! Now if that works I just need to figure out some way to synch my tax software clients and I think I will have it covered.

                              OT, has anyone tried out do organizer? seems to be getting rave reviews but what I can't see is does it automatically create a history for the contact when a task is done?