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    Just in case anybody out there is interested in exploring a new personal information manager or looking to implement one if not currently using one. I undertook an evaluation of a few systems that have crossed my radar recently. I am not anti-Outlook but I still found the system somewhat restrictive in terms of its capacities to meet my desired PIM environment. My two finalists were Achieve Planner from Thiis is an excellent system and has much of the 'internal' stuff I was looking for such as goals, wishes,vision/mission etc. The system has a nice interface with tabs for quick navigation. I was impressed with the 60 day trial as well. My final choice however has been do-Organizer from If you can look past the ridiculous female characters on the website you will find a powerful PIM that includes a mail client. (Achieve planner synchronises with Outlook). This software is beautifully designed with a pleasant and customisable user interface. The system has a journal module (I really wanted one) as well as a great yearly planner tool and mind mapping type tool. The software does not currently synch to PDA's (bummer) but when I really analyse my use of my pocket pc it is negligible. There are many other features I love about this software including a toolbar for my desktop to enable rapid access to the system, a password generator and calculator.....all part of the top menu. Both of these systems really opened my eyes to the fact there are great software systems that offer so much more than Outlook and are a pleasure to use. I had great difficulty deciding between these two; I guess the mail client in do-Organiser was the clincher.

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    I can't tell if either of these products allow you to sync with PDAs such as Palm. Do you know if they allow sync operation?


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      Niether software system currently synchs directly. The Achieve Planner software synchronises elegantly with Outlook '03 (no hassle) and of course you can synch from that. do-Organiser does not currently synch, however this is planned for later in the year. I admit since having switched to do-Organiser my pda has been dormant in the charging cradle; but honestly I am not missing it that much.