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rec'd to improve skills by listening?

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  • rec'd to improve skills by listening?

    I have an 8 hour bus ride coming up and I am one of those people that can't read, write, or type on buses. I am looking for something worth listening to that can help me get a little more savvy with just about anything that will improve my productivity or relationships, such as finances, basic computer technology, project planning and management, negotiation or some other productivity skills. I have DA's fast Cds but I have grown tired of them for the time being. If I can get the CDs from Barnes and Noble, Amazon or my library, that would be a plus.

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    I listen to lecture courses from The Teaching Company, They record college professors lecturing on all kinds of topics, and present them in CD or DVD format. I've been a happy customer for about 5 years. But watch for the sale prices -- every course goes on sale at least once a year, and that's when you want to buy it. Paying full price gets pretty expensive.


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      Maybe podcasts?

      I am a big fan of podcasts. Many podcasts are worthless, many podcasts are about podcasting only and many contain just cross-interviews with other podcasters but there are several pearls. My favourite podcasts are:
      -- Manager Tools (
      -- David Maister's "Lessons I've Learned" (
      -- Motivation To Move (


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        Great resources.

        A lot of great things here.