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GTD on PPC 8125 Smartphone

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  • GTD on PPC 8125 Smartphone

    Getting the 8125 Wizard from Cingular today. How are you guys using GTD with a smartphone/ppc phone edition? All on the PPC, some on the PPC, combining with Paper? Thanks for any feedback!


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    Still searching, but it's pretty basic

    I'm also using an 8125 and the GTD Outlook Plugin on my office computer.

    My tasks will show up in the approriate @Action lists if I filter by category. However, creating new tasks and editing existing tasks seems to break that relationship.

    (I can't add a task, assign it to an @work category, and expect to see it show up in the @work action list when I sync).

    I did explore (in terms of email) moving all messages once they been read on the PDA to a folder called pda, where I would then process them with the plugin once back in the office. This does keep my inbox clean.

    But honestly, I'm just using the PDA as a notifier at this point. I know when an email comes in, I can read it, and when I sit back down at my desk, I don't have to re-read it before I process it.

    Any better suggestions would be greatly appreciated.