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Address book?

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  • Address book?

    I had been using a palm that syncs with Outlook but now use TiddlyWiki and D*I*Y Planner as my GTD system. But that leaves me with just contacts in Outlook. I use Thunderbird for email at home but do not like the address book they have. One of the main features I need is to be able to easily print out my contacts so I have them in my planner.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I'm a Apple user so by default I use the Apple address book. It provides a number of options for printing addresses out.

    I note that you have/had a Palm. The desktop portion of Palm comes with a good address book. I believe (from my PC days) that it also has the option to print out your addresses. Nice part about this is that it is free -- if you don't have the disk go to the Palm web site (


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      plain old paper?

      I don't know whether you want to be digital for the addresses or not, but I use a simple (and cheap!) paper one. In my case, I like the A-Z tabbed section of my DayRunner/DayTimer.