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MindManager for the Mac!

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  • MindManager for the Mac!

    Just found out that MindManager is now available for the Mac. I've swtiched all of my PCs to Mac except for one laptop, and MindManager was one of those Windows only apps that I use extensively and wasn't willing to let go of just yet. I tried using NovaMind, FreeMind and OmniGraffle, and while they are pretty decent, they just don't have the same polish as MindManager. Now I just need to save up for a new dual-OS Intel Mac to replace my aging Windows only laptop. I still have some corporate Windows only apps I need to run.

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    Good to see this item software finally come across to the Apple platform. My only complaint is cost - USD 230 to 350 depending on the version. However in a corporate environment the price may not be a issue. For more information goto:

    A alternative and one that has been around for a while is Inspiration. Retails for USD69. Plus they also have a palm version USD 30. The two items bundled together will set you back USD90. Details at:

    So for Mind mappers and Apple users another great day.