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Outlook 2007 and GTD

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  • Outlook 2007 and GTD

    Hi just wondering if anyone is testing Beta 2 of OL 2007 and implementing GTD with it.

    I am interested in people's feedback and if they think it lessens the need for the GTD add-in, when used in conjunction with One Note 2007.

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    Outlook 2007 and removing the gtd addin

    Absolutely, I'm totally thrilled with Outlook, its amazing views, ease of use, great eye candy makes it a must any serious Outlook user


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      I am loving it too still missing the ability to do sub-tasks, but with the OneNote integration, I keep my projects in one note and send tasks from OneNote to Outlook. This eliminates the need for sub-tasks, and with OneNotes nice outliner feature this becomes much easier, now I just need to figure out to get one note to sync with my Treo.


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        Haven't been able to install

        I've been looking forward to Outlook 2007 since seeing a few screen shots of it months ago. I downloaded what's supposed to be Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager late last week on the advice of a representative from Microsoft with the idea that it might be a better alternative to the customer relationship manager system we're now using and an interim step toward an eventual server-based Microsoft CRM solution. The file I downloaded is called BCM-EN, and when I try to install it I get a message that says I must first install Outlook 2007. I don't know what the problem is.


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          smithdoug maby you need to install Outlook Beta 2007 and then install BCM on top of it. If you want a great CRM solution for Outlook take a close look at Avidian Prophet 3 works great as CRM solution.