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ACT 2006 (Version 8) Calendar Crisis

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  • ACT 2006 (Version 8) Calendar Crisis

    There are several issues with the activities and calendar in ACT 2006 which are causing us distress:

    1. For activities with multiple contacts associated, the tag "multiple contacts" appears on the task and the monthly calendar instead of the contact names (if we are printing the monthly calendar, we don't care if there are "multiple contacts"...we want to know WHO they are). Is there a way to get the actual contacts to display instead of the "multiple contacts" tag?

    2. On the monthly calendar, we get the cute icon telling us the type of task/meeting, etc, but not the TIME of the appointment. Is there a way to get the time of the appointment to show?

    We are open to other sync to Outlook for calendaring, which gets us partially there...because it shows the time and the task description...but the contact name does not carry over to Outlook.

    We've talked to ACT technical support, but have gotten no solutions. Does anyone know (a) if there is a way to do it in ACT!; (b) if not, is there a way to carry the contact name and/or other details over to the Outlook calendar?; (c) are there any 3rd party calendar tools or add-ins for ACT! or Outlook to pull it off?

    We need this not only for ourselves, but for several clients who heavily depend on the monthly calendar.

    Desperate for answers...


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    Calendar Probs

    Hi only an ACT 6.0 user, but you might want to check these guys out

    They offer various add-ons, and I believe the offer a utility for ACT 2006 etc to export the Calendar to Excel. You can define all the relevant fields to export.

    Might be a solution to your problem.