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Standalone use of PDA

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  • Standalone use of PDA

    My current employer doesn't allow me to sync a PDA with my company laptop so I reverted back to using a Filofax a couple of months ago having used a PDA previously for a number of years. I'm having issues with the Filofax in terms of tracking repeating appointments/tasks along with enjoying using the thing a lot less than a PDA.

    My question is does anybody currently use a PDA as their sole device for GTD ? I'm evaluating Project-ing for the Pocket PC and have had Pocket Informant installed since version 2 I think. Any thoughts on this approach or is anybody using a PDA as a standalone device with other software. (Note: I sync to my home PC for backups only)



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    There are people who work for companies that do not allow personal software to be installed that run small software programs from thumb drives. Of course, as thumb drives get bigger, the software that you can possibly run gets larger. You may want to expand your search to that type of software.


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      PDA Standalone

      Hi Richard,

      I have the same situation as you do.

      I'm using Pocket Informant and like it a lot, but am missing a project view.

      I tried serveral outliners, among them ADBLibrary, Projecting (which I did not like because of all the categories it creates), PocketThinker, MLO...

      Most of them messed up with my tasks (e.g. opened already closed tasks because of sync).

      So currently I went back to PI alone.
      I use "mytext" in Pocket Informant to set up Projects, which makes it easy to but the project in front of every project NA.
      In the Taskview I use hirachical tasks sortet by name. New project NAs can now be put underneath the Project in weekly Review (which I seldom do ) easily .

      Let me know if you have questions!



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        Re: Standalone use of PDA

        Hi Zelda,

        Thanks for the repy,would you mind sharing the My Text macro you use within PI to get the project name to appear in front of the next action ?



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          My Text

          Hi Richard,

          its no makro. For every project I just add a new mytext (I hope that is the name in englisch). Then when I open a NA I first select the Project name out of my text into the tasks name. Then I type the NA in there.

          Its just an entry aid