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ACT v8 - Importing & sharing design layouts

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  • ACT v8 - Importing & sharing design layouts

    Hi, I've just upgraded from ACT 2000 to ACT Standard 8. I have five users accessing and sharing the same database. Does anyone know how I can simply and quickly copy the design layouts and fields from one users computer to another? In ACT 2000 I could copy and paste the layouts folder from one computer to another. I can't seem to do that with the new version. I don't want to have to manually amend the design layout for every single user so they are all consistant. Thanks for your time.

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    Act! Layouts

    Probably too late for you now, but do the layouts not transfer with a copy of the database? I was quite pleased with upgrading my customized layouts from Act! 6.0 to 2006. Operation was quite simple. But does the layout not follow as an option when the database is read. It defaults to sage's stuff, but the customized layout should be there...