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Need Outlook help

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  • Need Outlook help

    I had my outlook calendar set up to show my Tasks arranged by Category. I somehow have changed the view to all tasks alphabetically. How do I reset my calendar view to show all tasks by category? Under my Tasks tab, it does show them in their correct categories so I havent deleted that, its just in the calendar view it shows all tasks with no categories. Thanks for any help.

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    I hope this helps

    I guess you are talking about the calndar wiev with 1 day only + taskpad showing and you have Outlook 2002 as myself.
    If so you have to right click on the "taskpad header" (note my version of outlook is not english so I couldn't tell you the exact description of the menus in the english version), then you have to click on something like "personalize current view..." and then "group by ..." and in the window that opens up you have to select the by category (or by deadline as I do) or what you prefer and the order (increasing or decreasing values). Note that there are 4 levels of classification in Outlook, I only use the main one and leave the rest blank but this is up to you.


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      Outlook Help Done!

      Thanks worked perfectly!!!