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  • Calendar/Planner Software

    As part of my GTD implementation I find that I am now in need of Calendar Program. All I want is something to just plan out the week with, and give me a visual representation and allow me to easily juggle things around.

    Basically all I want is something that can give me a 5 or 7 Day week view, or perhaps both and a day view . Allows me to add appointments and them move them around, via drag and drop. Perhaps even has color coding. You could say something just like the Outlook 2003 Calendar, though as I don't use Outlook for anything else I would prefer to use something different. It must be Desktop based and not Web Based as well. In an ideal world it might even sync with a Pocket PC, but that doesn't really matter.

    Any suggestions?

    So far the only thing I have found is Calendarscope which seems ok. But I can't believe there doesn't really appear to be any other comparable products. I like to compare at least two or three similar products before I make a purchase.

    Any help appreciated

    All the best


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    Check out Essential PIM:

    I do mot use it, but it has many of the features you need and the price is right...


    - MB


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      More is good, free is better.

      This may sound strange, however... have you considered Palm Desktop?

      It is available as a free download.

      I have a feeling you will have trouble syncing to a PocketPC (Win Mobile) , but frankly, if you are looking for a good inexpensive solution that fits all of your requirements and a lot more, and is *fast*, then this might be something to look at.


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        There are tons of web based ones. The one I like is Google's because of it's integration with Gmail.


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          Check out the calendar on Google - its free, you can access it from anywhere, contains what you are looking for and works great.


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            Thanks for the response

            Thanks for all the responses, I will check out all of your suggestions.

            All the best