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Checklist software for Windows?

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  • Checklist software for Windows?

    Another software suggestion please - a program that can do quick and dirty checklisting for Windows. Preferably something that has a "always on top" feature so that I can use to list the steps in my weekly review.


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    Have a look at EverNote

    I make extensive use of EVERNOTE, which was recommended in another thread here quite a while back.

    It's very useful for notes and there are a number of checklist templates.

    Have a look at



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      How about ListPro?

      ListPro from Ilium Software ( is a terrific program, and works on both the Desktop and PocketPC/Palm platforms. There are two GTD templates on the Yahoo Groups forum for ListPro as well, so you can get started with GTD using ListPro.



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        I also like and use ListPro.

        I would recommend it even though I do not believe that ListPro has a stay on top option, and I just looked, and I just tried to find it in help, so...

        You can create different types of lists, and create an outline looking structure where you can expand or collapse the view.

        And you can flag and check items. If you have a shopping list, and you are going shopping, and you do not what to see all the items right now, flag the ones you want to see, and then filter the view for only flagged items, and you only see those items, then as you check them off they can gray out and strike out, or dissapear.

        And during your weekly review, you turn off all filters and expand all to show all items. Then you can drag items up and down the list.

        If my PocketPC only ran this program, I would pay twice what I paid for my PocketPC and twice what I paid for the software to have it be a part of my life.

        You say you want to keep it on top, how about getting a PocketPC and keeping your lists with you everywhere?


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          It's ironic.

          Thanks for the advice regarding Listpro, I've downloaded the demo to give it a try.

          The reason I say it's ironic is the repsonses that I've received, simply becuase I wasn't anywhere near clear enough on what I would use it for. I've since solved my problems with a Palm (!) application.

          The main reason I wanted "always on top" functionality was so that I could keep the checklist up... when I was doing my weekly review. I wanted something light and simple so that I could create a simple checklist of what I wanted to review during my weekly review. Which folders to process. What items I always forget to include in the review. A hard-landscape way to ensure I've collected everything.

          I use the plain vanilla Palm apps for my system, and use the Palm Desktop for scheduling and tasks. I use Outlook for e-mail only, as it is delivered via Citrix and I cannot sync my Palm directly to it (I could if I had a Treo 650 or 700w or P, as they have ActiveSync). I only needed something to help remind me of where I collect things - where my buckets are. I find the task program in the Palm works just fine for me - maybe I don't track my projects properly, but it is working.

          The long and short of all this is that I have found a Palm Based solution. It is freeware, and it is called Checklist v 1.1 and is available from Palmgear. It does precicely what I need, no more, no less. I use Handyshopper for Shopping, etc., and I thought about using that, but even that is a "heavier" interface than I was looking for. Besides, hitting "Checkout" at the end of a weekly review kind of seemed wrong.

          Thank you both for the suggestions, though.