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Support question for Info select

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  • Support question for Info select


    I'd be most grateful for help with a problem I'm having in Info Select, Version 7 (Build 7.00.31).

    I keep getting the message that Overview.wd2--the primary data file) is too large and that I should divide it into two files.

    But when I look at Help ("12files"), it tells me to go on the IS menu to "File-New" or "Change Into-File. But the IS file menu doesn't offer "new" and "Change Into" offers only "Note" and "topic".

    How do I ger some stuff out of overview.wd2 and into a second file?

    Many thanks,


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    Info select still around?

    My goodness! Is Info Select still around? That's like hearing from an old friend. I looked for it but couldn't find it some months ago. But am already committed to another product for the time being. Sigh...wish I could be of help!

    Best wishes,


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      Splitting wd2 files in Info Select

      Hi Steven:

      I started with InfoSelect version 8, but this should work fine for your situation. It is an easy two step process. First insert a new .wd2 file using the Insert Menu. The menu sequence is Insert --> File --> Data (select Data as the File type on the pop up menu). This places a new .wd2 file in your selector.

      Second, simply drag the items you want into the new data file.

      Overview.wd2 is your main default data file (the root of the InfoSelect tree). When you create a new wd2 file, it is not automatically opened by IS. Rather (although it is still a sub item of Overview.wd2) it remains closed, and yet compteletly searchable. When you expand it, it opens.

      I have five additional wd2 files in my IS selector. Most are old emails.

      Hope this helps you.

      Have a great day!