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Need digital voice recorder advice

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  • Need digital voice recorder advice

    I think I'm going to take DA's suggestions and get a voice recorder; I can see how handy it would be to have one.

    Ideally, I'd like one that I can connect to my PC and copy my voice recordings right to my PC as .wav files (or any other audio format, it really doesn't matter).

    Can anyone suggest such a device?


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    Vioce Recorders

    Olympus as a digital voice recorder that will link to your PC by a USB cable. The recordings are in a proprietary format but Olympus gives away software that allows them to be played on any PC. They make a version of the recorder that records in Windows Media Format, but this is currently on sale only in Japan.

    There is a link to their webpage. I've seen the recorder on sale for about $110. To use this link you have to paste it in so there is no line break.;product=859



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      This might be over the top, but if you are in the market for a new PDA, some Palms and most PocketPCs have built-in voice recorders. I can't remember what the "move to desktop" features were of the PPCs, but I currently have a Palm Tungsten T and it has a built in voice recorder that automatically syncs to the desktop, jusk like any other appointment, task, or memo.



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        Voice Recorders

        Of course if a analog recorder (micro or mini cassette) is available you can use the .wav recorder from within Windows to save the information.

        Since this would be in real time this is slower than USB.

        At one point Dictaphone did have a WalkAbout and Trek recorders with rather good software. ebay?

        Sony does have two / three units for this also. They can use the MemoryStick for data storage.

        One last idea, there are minidisc units with record. This will allow for store of 70 to 300 minutes (depending on compression used) to a small 2 inch minidisc. These have the same type of benefits as the digital 'tape' recorders (fast search, cue markers, titles etc). These do have USB, software for the PC etc.

        At this time I am using a Sony minidisc with a small mike in the car. This way I can listen to audio on a long trip, and record a note if needed on that disc or swap for the 'mind dump' disc.


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          Digital Voice Recorders

          You could try one of the models from Denpa. The VT-50 Digital Voice Recorder or the MP-38 Digital Voice Recorder. Both products are available with 1Gb memory, the VT-50 records in MP3 format giving 283 hours recording for 1Gb of memory, MP-38 records in WAV allowing 141 hours for the same memory size.

          Both have FM radio's and can be used with the Digital Voice Recorder Wireless Microphone and the Digital Voice Recorder AC adapter. Both Digital Voice Recorders come with an adapter to allow the device to be used for recording telephone calls (non-PBX type).


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            I also was seaching for such a software tool and found some really good ones. I'm staying with MP3 Recorder Studio and never regret my choice. The program really easy to use, you can record directly to mp3 or wav, no problem.