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The Mission Band - Next Actions / Errands on your wrist.

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  • The Mission Band - Next Actions / Errands on your wrist.

    John Norris returns with a new Personal Information Device.

    Originally posted by John Norris
    Something Up My Sleeve!

    Confession time:

    When I'm on the move, I find my Hipster and Fobster a bit too far out of reach for the quick glance to keep me on track. Plus, if there is something crucial that I absolutley have to remind myself of, I'll write it on my.... hand.

    Yup. Can't miss it there.

    So streatching Hipster technology perhaps a bit too far, I've come up with what I call "The Mission Band". It is not just a big blank thing to write on, or my case a freckled hairy arm, but a tastefully done accent to one's wrist and memory.

    Offered to you under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike feel free to make it your own:

    Mission Band pdf
    Mission Band Open Office Draw file
    You can find it at

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    I have a way to inscribe microtype on twine, so all I do now is tie a string around my finger.


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      ROFL Thanks (both of you). I needed that.
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