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Palm or PocketPC OS

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  • Palm or PocketPC OS


    In many other forums, the above is a never-ending debate between the two PDA OSs.

    I am currently practicing David's GTD book and Outlook Add-in, and was wondering, which would be the better platform - Palm or PocketPC? Or do you think the pen/paper method would be more ideal?

    Seeking your expert advise in the real world.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    It's a little like asking which is a better ice cream, Ben and Jerry's or Bryer's ... it's more a matter of taste than anything. Try what you think will work best and see what happens. So much of progress is trial and error. If you don't like it, try the next thing.

    I know many people who have gone Pocket PC and found it to be more than they really needed. A couple folks I know love their Pocket PC and would never go back. Then again, I actually know some people that don't even LIKE Ben and Jerry's ... go figure.

    For me, it's Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ... :P ... I mean, it's plain vanilla Palm and my trusty laptop.