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How to manage Projects on Palm + Outlook Addin ?

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  • How to manage Projects on Palm + Outlook Addin ?

    I am using the GTD Outlook Addin trial version and considering buying a Palm TX. I find the By Project view really useful in the Outlook Addin and I'm assigning projects to almost all my tasks, and Sub-Projects (client name) too in many cases.

    However, I understand there is a limit of 15 categories on the Palm so I guess I will lose all the Project and Sub-Project information when I synch.

    How are other users of the Palm + GTD Outlook Addin combination managing projects on the Palm ?

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    The short answer is that the extra fields added by the GTD add-in do not transfer to the palm, and that information cannot be added, deleted, or changed on the palm. It follows that the palm cannot be used to transfer this information between 2 PC's.

    While there are a few ways to maintain a project link between palm and pc, they rely on tricks and additional software, and are not compatible with the GTD add-in.


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      Originally posted by pwhite
      How are other users of the Palm + GTD Outlook Addin combination managing projects on the Palm ?
      In my particular case I do not enter information in the palm, for my the palm is my repository device. So even that I have all the information there and I can check as done the task I never create them there so the addin works like a charm...

      If you plan to use the palm as in Input device you will need to find a different solution or to create an aditional NAs when you create a new task to associate it in outlook


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        mcogilvie is correct. The extra fields added by the add-in won't carry over to the Palm even with additional software such as PocketMirror.

        What I do is give each project a unique id: @X04 or @P03 that I put at the beginning of each subject. (I use 4 different alpha characters for the second byte): P for Prospects, C for Clients, S for Support and X for Other).

        I put three exclamations marks at the beginning project task itself. Such as @C03 !!!Client analysis project. This allows that task to be sorted at the top of the list.

        If I enter a new project-related task, I use this convention and then periodically go to Outlook and check to see if I have any tasks beginning with @... that don't have the Project field populated.

        All of this has become much more useful with the release of DateBk6 on the Palm OS which allows lots of customization for todo sorting.