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Problems with my Brother label-maker

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  • Problems with my Brother label-maker

    I just invested in a Brothers P-touch, Model PT-1280. I must have fooled around with the tab setting or something, and my print is coming out very small even though I selected large.

    I have gone over the little "user manual" several times, and went through and tried a few different settings, but still the same result. I even tried taking the batteries out for several minutes, in the futile hope it would revert to its initial settings.

    Meantime, I have been wasting label tape, spending way too much time on this, and feeling frustrated -- not mind like water, at all.

    Can anyone out there help me? I sure would appreciate it!
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    I'm not sure which model that is...

    But generally you can hold the blue function key and hit the number keys to change the font size, a little mark on the LCD will tell you which one is current. On one model I had holding the blue button down and hitting backspace would clear the label, including all formatting, so that's a good way to get back to square one.


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      Who(m) ya gonna call?

      Poetess, if you still need a solution at this point, why don't you just call Brother? The company has a toll-free customer service phone number, which you can find on its Web site. (You can also email Brother, but my success using that method has been mixed.)


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        Originally posted by Poetess
        Can anyone out there help me? I sure would appreciate it!

        A reset is done by switching the 1280 off, press the arrow up key on the lower left together with the R key and then switching it on again.

        I also have 1 1280 and I really like it. For me it also took some time to adjust it to settings I want to use for my files.


        PS Brother has also a solutions website for this model.
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