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Is anyone using the new Sony PEG-NZ90 or similar Clie model?

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  • Is anyone using the new Sony PEG-NZ90 or similar Clie model?

    I'm working on a new action system for mobile [wireless] devices, and the Sony, while higher priced than most PDAs, looks like the Cadillac model in terms of features. I've not been to town to see one yet, so I thought I would ask here first.

    I'm specifically looking for experiences using Bluetooth to Hotsync sand
    upload/download of voice clips and mp3's. If anyone has experience to
    share about using these with 802.11 networks, that would be great too.


    Eric Mack

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    I recently upgraded from a Palm V to a Sony Clie NZ90 (what a difference) and have successfully hotsynched with both the bluetooth and WiFi card and web browsed with WiFi.

    To gain network access to a PC (for copying mp3s without hotsynching) I believe you will need something like MochaPPP which you can find at I have not tried this myself yet.

    The best source of information on the subject of the NZ90 is the user forum at

    Good luck


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      re: your question. I've been using an NZ-90 running Shadow, to do GTD on the fly. The NZ-90 is fantastic for this. But it is a bit bulky.

      I haven't used the Bluetooth yet... but the Wi-Fi card works great for accessing the web and email from Starbucks, or around the house.



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        Just seen this post, hope I'm not too late to reply...

        There is another post 'Which PDA is best' to which I posted the following re the NZ90:

        I haven't had any Wi-Fi experience but have hooked it upto my phone via Bluetooth successfully.

        It is bulky but it does far more than other PDAs. I's still less bulky than having to carry a PDA and a camera....


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          I use the HP iPAQ 5000 series. It will do everything you're looking for without expensive cards--and it's a lot cheaper!.