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  • SmarterTasks Beta

    Hopefully this message won't be regarded as spam.

    I'm in the final stages of finishing a new task manager application for Windows Mobile 5.0 SmartPhones called SmarterTasks that I'd like to invite everyone to try out.

    I wrote SmarterTasks out of frustration in the lack of task management applications that don't support key concepts of GTD such as contexts or projects. I originally built this application since none of the existing task managers fit the GTD method very well and never in a streamlined way. They were either too simplistic or overly complex and none of them allowed me to group my tasks by project.

    I'm targeting Windows Mobile 5.0, and the Motorola Q Smartphone in particular since it's the most effective phone/PDA device I've ever used.

    I'm trying out an open Beta program to get feedback on the application and I'd be delighted to have members of the GTD forums participate.

    If you'd like to learn more about SmarterTasks, or try out the Beta, please visit the site at . Feedback would be greatly appreciated and can be sent to

    Teddy Lindsey

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    SmarterTasks 0.9.2 BETA

    The beta of SmarterTasks has been updated to v0.9.2 which fixes a minor problem in which the beta would expire unexpectedly on some devices.

    Due to the larger than expected number of participants, the open beta has been closed. However, if you are interested in trying out SmarterTasks for free before commercial release, please send email to and you will be sent a download link via email.



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      SmarterTasks Beta Updated to v0.9.3

      SmarterTasks has been updated to v0.9.3 and fixed some of the bugs that were submitted. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback! We're getting close to final release, so any last minute suggestions or feedback is appreciated.

      You can obtain the latest beta by clicking on the download link in the email that was originally sent to you when you joined the beta.

      If you haven't joined the beta, all you have to do is enter your email address at and you will receive a download link.

      - Fixed highlight problem with Projects Bar that would cause text to disappear on some color schemes.
      - Fixed error message when clicking "Complete" button with no selected task.


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        SmarterTasks Final Beta, v0.9.6

        SmarterTasks for Windows Mobile 5 SmartPhone has been updated to v0.9.6 and features much better performance than earlier betas. This is the final beta version before commercial release.

        Thanks to everyone for the great feedback! I'm glad to hear that many people feel that SmarterTasks is one of the best GTD next action implementations around.

        If you'd like to try out SmarterTasks, visit the site at and download the installer. You will be required to enter your email address, but this will only be used for communications regarding the beta program and for no other purpose.


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          How many messages constitute spam?

          Perhaps your *initial message* won't be regarded as spam, but this thread is beginning to smell like it (IMHO)...



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            I'll stop posting about updates to the beta program unless anyone suggests otherwise. I've received a lot of positive feedback from GTD implementers who've tried out SmarterTasks and I thought folks might want to know.

            Thanks for letting me know the thread was start to smell spammy.