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  • ISO - organizer software

    I've been reading about the various software programs (such as My Life Organized, TreePad, TreeDBNotes), and they seem close to what I'm looking for, but I don't think they're quite right. Perhaps one of you can point me to an appropriate program.

    I want the look of these programs. ie, I want an hierarchal tree structure (categories or tags) on the left, and a plain screen on the right.

    I want to enter (on the right) a comment (short or long), and allocate it to various categories/tags.

    Then, I want to have Boolean search capabilities - so that I can designate which categories/tags I want or don't want, and have the applicable comments appear.

    Lastly, I want to be able to export the results of the search so I can utilize the answers.

    Naturally, I also want to attach a date (ideally, either specific date or a date range)

    I do not use Outlook or a palm
    I do not want an online program
    I want to use it solely on my desktop.

    Any suggestions before I start downloading a bunch of trial versions?

    Thank you in advance -

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    Try EverNote. ( Windows only, basic version is free. Allows multiple tags per item, with both tag-based and full text search.

    I haven't used Export much, so can't say how useful it is.



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      It looks perfect!
      I just posted a couple of questions at their forum.
      THank you so very much - I'll let you know if it works out for me.


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        Of course this is not the usual software but have you looked at Mind mapping? Mind Genius allows for Category, Filters, Resources etc. Of course it is not a full database by any means. Food for thought. It has a few features that make it of use: can convert a 'normal' mindmap into resource, category views, filter to show only branches 'xxx' shows etc.

        Can be found at:

        Have been using it to help in meeting minutes, project planning, etc.


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          Have you looked at Personal Knowbase?


          I think Personal Knowbase might do just what you are looking for. On the left you have a column of "keywords" while on the right you have the plain article. Each article can have any number of keywords, you can just add any newly relevant keywords when you add the article.

          With a number of articles added you can "drill down" and find any that has any combination of keywords, such as August, @errands and Dog, for example.

          I find it useful and their website is if you fancy taking a look to see if it would help.