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Synq a Windows Mobile PDA with two notebooks

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  • Synq a Windows Mobile PDA with two notebooks

    I have a PDA with Win Mobile 2003 and two notebooks: one at the office and one at home. And I have a hard drive (ZIV-drive) that includes all my Outlook data and that I always bring with me instead of notebooks. I mostly use PDA during the day and synq it twice with the notebooks by connecting the ZIV-drive: during daily review at home and when come to my office. When I try to synq the PDA with "the second" notebook it starts to double the information like contacts, apoointments etc. on the PDA inspite I use the same hard drive in the notebook (ZIV-drive). Maybe that's because of Activesynq? Does anyone know how to make one PDA work with two notebooks but with the same hard drive that keeps Outlook data?



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    You may get the answer from this Brighthand forum:

    It appeas to address you issue, if it does not take a look around the Brighthand forums as they appear to have a lot of good information on PDA's.