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ISO: Outliner for High School Student to use (on a stick)

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  • ISO: Outliner for High School Student to use (on a stick)

    I recently got great advice from this forum for myself (the suggestion of using EverNote). Now I'm back, looking for a similar-but-different program for my teenage daughter.

    Primary purpose: outlines for a specific class
    Secondary purpose: general note-taking

    However, she will sometimes be working at her desktop at home, and sometimes via a stick on a school computer.

    I think, while I was searching for a program for myself, I read that some programs are small enuf to work from a stick; I ignored all that as I didn't need it at the time!

    Am I correct that there are programs which can be run (efficiently) from a stick?

    What do you recommend?
    Thank you in advance
    Marion in Rochester

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    Off the top of my head:

    ActionOutline and TreePad


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      I have been using Brainstorm with great results. Demo can be downloaded at: