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  • Speed Reading Software

    I'm in the middle of doing some research for a dissertation and need to do a lot of reading - mostly of electronic documents. Reading documents on a computer screen is quite slow, compared to paper. Rather than print everything out, I was wondering if speed reading software could help.

    I had a quick review of some the applications available and selected RapidReader to download and test.

    The Zap Reader website is another possibility - esp since it is free, but not obviously as well integrated with desktop applications.

    Does anyone else have experience of using speed reading software?


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    I have no experience using it, and no opinion on it one way or another, but I've read some decent reviews of Copernic Summarizer. Might be worth checking out if you're looking at that type of software.


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      some non-tech ways of reading more efficiently

      Hi NW. You may be interested in the ideas and comments from this blog post, which features ways to read more efficiently, albeit without the kind of tools you mention: How to read a lot of books in a short time.


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        Mind at Light Speed - Speed reading software

        I've used a tool called ACE Reader Pro with good success. The software can be use to teach you to improve your speed reading skills as well as to stream text to you as fast as your brain can absorb - hundreds of WPM!

        I've used it to read lengthy texts for my American Lit courses (e.g. Moby Dick in 12 hours) as well as electronic texts for management courses.

        I posted a summary of Ace Reader Pro on my blog:

        I hope this helps.