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Anybody using ThinkingRock software?

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  • Anybody using ThinkingRock software?

    I'm interested in this software.

    Anybody tried it?

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    Originally posted by DrDave
    I'm interested in this software.

    Anybody tried it?
    I have looked at it. It's in Java, and multiplatform (PC, Mac, Linux), but I have tested it only on a mac. The data is in a single xml file, and should be portable between architechtures. I think the interface is a little clunky, probably because it's Java, but flexible and useable. I'm not sure how it would do if I scaled up to my actual volume of projects and next actions.


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      Book Title Change?

      This site is based out of Australia. At the bottom of the home page it notes that in Australis, "Getting Things Done" is titled "How to Get Things Done". I'm just curious but does anyone know why?


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        It looks very interesting. I may take it for a test run to see well it works.
        It adheres to the principals very well, but I would like to see if the implementation is up to snuff.



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          the book has different titles for different countries

          Originally posted by Mork
          This site is based out of Australia. At the bottom of the home page it notes that in Australis, "Getting Things Done" is titled "How to Get Things Done". I'm just curious but does anyone know why?
          I remember David talking about this somewhere - it's a publishing choice. Interesting, though...


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            Positive feedback on Thinking Rock

            We have now many users using Thinking Rock and had some very positive feedback, mainly that it is following (or forcing you) to follow the GTD methodology to the letter.

            Please have a try at it. It is free, fully tested and documented, and a small download (7.5MB).

            Test and Business analyst of Thinking Rock


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              Thank you for the information. I downloaded the program and am playing with it. I like how intuitive it is and the ability to color code is awesome for a visual person!

              Whether it is a long term solution will be seen.



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                I have tried ThinkingRock for two weeks now - it is easy, great work and very usefull.

                BTW, I had no clue of GTD and now have bought the book ...


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                  People are discovering TR

                  People are discovering TR as a wonderful tool to do all the phases of GTD.
                  It works in Mac and Windows, it is stored as a xml file.
                  There is a demo that explain clearly how to use it with pratical examples.
                  It is easy to use, easy to load, works offline.There is a good forum and kind answers from the developers.

                  I am very happy because I am learning how to collect all thoughts and process them. The more I write the projects following the steps TR offers (exactly what DA wrote), the more I realise how many ideas I can produce just because I've found the proper stimuli.



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                    I'm a big palm user asnd currently using Agendus as my "all-powerful" calendar/memo/to-do/contacts manager. I downloaded thinkingrock and sort of toyed around with it. I like that it is GTD focused. I would use it more if it were a palm application. Any chances of coming out with a Palm version?


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                      I'm using it and love it!

                      This thing is great. It truely adheres to the GTD workflow rather than just being a hacked todo list manager. The developers are actively answering questions on their forums, enhancing the software, and planning new releases.

                      I'd highly recommend this application to beginners and seasoned GTD gurus alike as it keeps you in the GTD mindset.



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                        It is indeed a very well streamlined program -- but it suffers from a big drawback: capture/collection.

                        It wants to include this first stage in its workflow but wants to do it in such a way that you are "forced" through the other stages of GTD in order to process the idea.

                        For me the result was that I avoided using TR as a capture tool. As a consequence I resented going through all the steps to get data into and through the system.


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                          I'm using TR and loving it. They are getting ready to launch version 2.0 in the the coming weeks at which point it will be open source (they announced that this week).


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                            TR - best GTD app so far.

                            Just an update, TR2 epsilon is the current version and it is open source, with TR2 promised in the coming weeks.

                            I cannot praise Jeremy and Claire highly enough for this product (I am not a TR employee - just an avid user), it really has helped me work more efficiently with less stress, its development seems to be very much user-led and totally in line with the David Allen approach.

                            If you havent tried it - you really should!



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                              I've been using TR for about a month...


                              Overall, I like Thinking Rock...but here is my pet peeve. I like to print a report of next actions...and TR dumps everything to a .pdf, and it's not editable, so you get what you get. It's small for me, the font is small, so it's sort of a pain to read or carry around...I wish there were more choices for the way the pages display, because even those are pretty small on a laptop screen, and I'd like more choices on output. It's good, and clearly the price is right, but I wish it was a little more customizable. Thanks.