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OneNote and Outlook

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  • OneNote and Outlook

    GTD practitioners yearning for ways to handle projects and such will likely by interested in Microsoft's new OneNote application. It's not perfect, of course, but it is coming out of the gate with some interesting possibilities. Integration with Outlook Tasks, Contacts, and E-mails should peak some interest.

    Many of you will also find the "Open Letter" at quite interesting. Follow the link at the bottom of the letter to explore OneNote.

    Regards.....Bill Kratz

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    OneNote, schmonote

    ok, I looked. Another tool for gathering amorphous information.
    Been there, done that. Got the t-shirt, but it was too small
    to begin with, and it shrank. When DA explains how to use it,
    I'll look again.



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      Hmmm, I think he was just suggesting this might be a possible solution to people that keep talking about needing a solution to manage projects etc.

      I think it's important to remember that DA uses and promotes what he needs and likes , I use programs that aren't exactly "DA suggested" but if they help me GTD and don't cause a "hitch in my swing" I don't see a problem . You can apply GTD principles to any software or tool --the question is "is this software or tool helping me GTD? "

      If a person is tied down to an outlook enviroment then One Note and info path will probably be quite helpful.

      I imagine One Note would be pretty cool with a tablet pc !



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        Sites for info on OneNote

        Check here: (Microsoft Newsgroup)

        and here: for a forum of Tablet PC users (thread is for general software, but there are OneNote posts)

        I have been using OneNote for a little while, and it's pretty interesting. I like the tabs that allow me to keep notes by Project. It also allows me to create Tasks from info I write w/in a note. (Journal on the Tablet PC does this as well.)

        Overall, the program has a lot of potential, and can be used on a Laptop, Desktop or Tablet PC. It's still a Beta, and there are some things to work out, however...


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          I have looked at onenote and it looks usefull, even though I do not like the way notes are entered. Word-like pages would have been better.

          There is a freeware program called Keynote that has almost the same functionality as Onenote.
          You can find it at:

          It is perfekt for listmaking and have a better inteface in my eyes than Onenote.

          /Petter J


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            Keynote looks interesting, but OneNote is different (better?) in the sense that it allows you to capture pretty much anything - rich text, data pasted from a website, voice recordings... and it works with either a standard PC, or the Tablet (i.e you can write notes in your own handwriting, or use a keyboard).

            The other feature of OneNote is that you can write, or enter text, anywhere on the page in just about any color (vertical, horizontal, in a margin...). You're not restricted to columns at all. This becomes more useful when handwriting, obviously, but you can utilize it with a keyboard also. It is much more like taking notes on paper, I can really use the Tablet PC like a notepad now, and I don't have to re-type anything to get it into the computer.

            ANother feature of OneNote is the ability to create an Outlook task from text you entered... but I don't want to turn this into a review.

            OneNote still needs refining, as it's only a Beta, but so far I have found it very useful. I do hope that more companies look at making ink-enabled applications, because I find myself taking more notes using handwriting than typing...

            Looking more cloely at Keynote, it appears to have a lot of the capabilities of OneNote at a better price... Now if it would only allow handwriting


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              Downloaded Keynote last night and love it! Thanks to the poster that suggested it. I have already used it to create a software tutorial for some clients. Using Docs To Go I can even link docs to my handheld and edit from either source