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Desk lamp ideas & suggestions?

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  • Desk lamp ideas & suggestions?

    I'm looking for your help with ideas or suggestions on desk lamps or lighting as I upgrade my GTD cockpit at home. My GTD lists are in a paper planner and I've underestimated the importance of good lighting.


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    Lamp comparisons

    This link will be probably have way more information than you need but it discusses the comparisons of different kinds of lighting. The link is sponsored by the MD Support forum (Macular Degeneration). MD is an eye disease mostly of older folks. I wish I had this info earlier so as to take care of my eyes.

    Live Comparison of Representative Lamps

    To demonstrate the differences in lam p types, I acquired and compared six of the lamps mentioned in this paper. The demonstration was designed for an exhibit at the 2005 meeting of the Academy for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) and at other gatherings of researchers, eye care professionals, and patients. In this section of the paper I will describe the display and discuss the most typical observations that have been made by viewers.

    Lamps compared:
    1. General Electric Basic 75w, 2700K incandescent
    2. LazLight 3000K incandescent halogen
    3. Solux 4100K incandescent halogen
    4. RobinSpring32 3200K compact fluorescent
    5. Ott-Lite 5000K compact fluorescent
    6. Full Spectrum (VisionMax) 6500K compact fluorescent


    MD Support display at the 2005 convention of the
    Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
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      Good task lighting is critical. The post above list a number of lights for consideration.

      On the placement issue, make shore you are not creating a shadow over the work. From what I've read the ideal light source is one that comes from above, behind and to the side (non dominate hand i.e. if left handed over the right shoulder vis-a-vis for right handers). If you can not get the light behind you then above and from the non dominate hand side is the solution.

      Lights on adjustable arms are a good bet ... you can adjust the placement until its right. Then mark it! Otherwise one bounce and you're hard work is lost.