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Tabbed interface for Outlook?

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  • Tabbed interface for Outlook?

    Since implementing GTD with Outlook I keep many outlook windows open simultaneously - Calendar, Notes, Inbox, Tasks, etc.

    Does anyone know of a utility program to organize these open windows within a single tabbed window, like an excel workbook?

    I have found programs that do this with web pages, with windows explorer folders, and even a vba program that adds this to MSWord, but I can't find it for outlook. Even a general purpose utility that would group open windows programs would probably work. Any suggestions?

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    Ken -- Maybe I'm missing something in your request, but it seems to me that the Outlook Bar does what you are describing. Granted, it isn't in "tab" form, but otherwise it performs the functions you are requesting.

    Best Regards.....Bill Kratz


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      Ken -- Here's another idea that may accomplish what you are looking for. Just create a custom toolbar that contains "Go To" buttons for the folders that you would like to have on "tabs". This approach would give you the "tabs" look, and has the advantage that you can dock the menu in various places. For example, you could have your "tabs" arranged vertically on the side of the Outlook window, or you could have them across the bottom, a la Excel style. Of course they could also be across the top of the pane. Below are a few quick screenshots of what it might look like.

      Regards.....Bill Kratz


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        Thanks Cosmo and Bill for the good suggestions. I will try them all and pick the one I like best. Thanks again.