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Problems with "no due date" tasks in Palm

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  • Problems with "no due date" tasks in Palm

    Have recently bought a Palm Z22. Am very pleased with it in many ways but when I enter a task with "no due date" it enters with a due date of 31/12/31! I can change it back once again when its on the list but this is a severe hassle and as I like a "show only due tasks" view I then have to change the view to actually see the task to change it. A major malfuntion really.

    Has anyone had the same problem with Palm and know how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.


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    No answers

    I guess noone else has had the same problem then?


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      Change the default settings....

      I can't believe Palm would make a date necessary. There must be a default setting you can adjust in the Preferences screen. My Palm is older, so its not the same, but that is where I would check.



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        I've used many Palm's across many generations, and have never struck that problem. No date is no date.

        BTW, I also remove the date from displaying in the Palm tasks list. The only reason I enter a date is if something is date dependent and I want the NA to show on my today screen or calendar.


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          It's not that it is making the date necessary. It just puts in a due date of 31/12/2031 when I specify "no date". Very annoying.

          I have had a Palm before which did not have this problem but this one definitely has it. I will contact Palm about the problem...


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            Use Google to find any information.

            Using Google to search for "12/31/2031 palm due date" I've found the following discussion