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PocketPC, Outlook, and GTD add-in

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  • PocketPC, Outlook, and GTD add-in

    I just converted from the Palm OS to Pocket PC and I use the GTD add-in with Outlook.

    I'd love to hear suggestions from anyone using this combination. I am particularly trying to grapple with the fact that the GTD add-in "Actions" and associations with Projects don't translate to the handheld, so I'm having problems figuring out how to handle generating new Projects/Next Actions on the PPC when I'm out and about.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks,


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    Pocket PC &GTD

    I have the same problem and have not yet found an answer.


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      Maybe consider not using the Outlook Plug In. I've been using PPC and Outlook for a over a year now and it's been working fine. I will add that I primarily use the PPC for generating/reviewing next actions and projects.


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        I can't help myself: Move back to Palm! and look at Chapura's new KeySuite.


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          Since GTD add in "Actions" become Categories in Outlook, your categories (unlimited, by the way on Pocket PC) sync to your device. When using your Pocket PC, open Tasks. If you want to see your tasks by Action categories, tap in the upper right hand corner where it says "All Tasks". Tap on a category (e.g., @ Agendas) and all your tasks associated with that Action will be displayed.

          Since the GTD Outlook add-in doesn't have a Palm or Pocket PC module, you can generate a new task on your device and associate it with a category. Associating the task with an Action or Project will require some editing when you get back to your desktop, but all new tasks will be on the top of your list under "Project: (none)" or "Action: (none)" depending on the view you use.

          Since you're using the Pocket PC, have a look at Agenda Fusion or Pocket Informant. They do a nice job of integrating PIM functions. You can set them up to have a view similar to the Tasks by Action in the GTD add-in.

          Hope this helps,
          - James


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            I use PocketInformant. It's been great for managing all aspects of GTD.


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              Agenda Fusion

              Anybody have any specific feedback on using Agenda Fusion with or without the GTD add-in? Do the links set up in Fusion sync back to Outlook?


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                duplication categories for projects

                I use Agenda Fusion and have it working nicely with GTD add in. You will have to create all your projects as categories and assign them in Outlook to both categories (actions and projects). Fusion allows you to group by categories so in this way you can see all your actions and projects.