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  • Google Notebook

    I've been using this more and more. I start a lot of projects by doing some internet research. Google Notebooks allows me to save interesting web findings on Google's servers and access them anywhere I have internet access.

    I create a separate Google notebook for each area of interest. If I find something of interest on the web, I select the relevant text, right click, click on Note This (Google Notebook) and I have everything saved with a link and searchable.

    It's all rather utilitarian without bells and whistles. But it serves a need that I have.

    For example, I will buy, one of these days, a new smart phone. Each time I found out something of interest, I save the text and link to my Smartphone Google Notebook.

    I just set a new notebook up today because I want to create oral histories (actually, I'll probably make them video histories) from some of my older relatives. I found a number of websites with lists of questions to ask. I saved all these lists to a notebook and added as an NA for my Oral Histories Completed project "Organize questions from Google Notebook."

    As they say on the streets of New York, "Check it out!"

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    Ditto. . .

    . . .for me, to paragraphs 1-3.


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      I am looking closely at Google Notebooks. An article at shows an elaborate implementation of GTD using Google Notbooks.

      My only reservation is that I can't do an offline archive/backup of what is done in Google Notebooks. I know that there is an extremely low probability of Google deleting/losing my stuff, but I would love to find a Google Gears app that could sync my Google Notebook locally (especially in case I lose internet connectivity).

      Anyone know how to do that kind of off-line implementation of Google tools?


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        FWIW, Evernote has a lot of the same functionality including extensions that add a button on browser toolbars to copy web pages, plus the database resides on your harddrive for offline access. Free, too.